Male Robert

Kings Park, NY



Language: English

► About Me
-Recently returned to school to finish my Bachelor's Degree which I had started prior to 11 years working as a store manager. At 32 I figured it was no or never to go back to school and start a new career. When traveling I prefer to seek out places other than the "tourist destinations" if someone who lives there doesn't regularly go there, than why should I? I'd much prefer a quiet place with a cool story behind it, or some down to earth meal at a hole in the wall than go some place fancy.
I spend my free time training for long distance obstacle course races, listening to very loud and heavy music, seeking out the best beer, playing board games with friends and watching a lot of anime.

► My Hobbies
- Beer, Board Games, Running/Racing and Anime (not necessarily in that order)

► My best travel experience
-Trip to Alaska with friends! I stopped in Los Angeles along the way with an intentional extended layover, was able to go to three breweries around the airport, get back on a plane and sleep the rest of the way up to Alaska. Then was able to enjoy the beauty of Alaska with some of my closest friends.

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