Male Shannon

Choa Chu Kang, Singapore




Always likes hanging out with friends during the vacations & pursuing my passion. Wanting to have my own freedom to explore the ever-changing world around me. Listens to Capital FM from the UK, coz' music is always the soul of my life, and would never dissapate no matter what.

When people break my trust, I'll never stop doubting 'em coz' that's everything to a good and everlasting friendship, or even a near-perfect relationship. I will never break the trust of others, as it is the most sought after, and I only will, if you have broken mine in one way or another.

Don't really care what people think about me, coz' I'm not here to impress anyone, but do what makes me happy. I don't have demands for much, because all I ask for is trust and friendships. Simple requests that never fails to make me happy, and easily achievable.

I always like to be social, and spend most of my time on Twitter at @shannontanTW. Tweetin' about my life, thoughts, and whatever that happens.

Always wanting to build and foster strong bonds with everyone to bring people together, and spread joy and happiness to others.

Welcome to my life, and although I'm not that open, I will be, as long as you get to know me better. I'd share my all with those that I deeply trust over time, because they are worth to spend time with, and care for. Although you might not be part of it, you might, someday.

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