Male Ali




its ok to be different

I always appreciate honest noble people with sense of humor, cuz its essential to overcome life's difficulties with a smile on my face and a laugh. So i like to relax and enjoy life as it is..cuz life is precious to me.

More abt me:

ø i listen to music 24/7
øi talk a lot with ppl i can hav intelligent convos with
ø obsessed wth my tech stuffs
ø good listener
ø i work on either both sides of the spectrum on everything. i am either hot OR cold, never in between, never cold AND hot at the same time

Things you MAY have to deal with

ø i can get sarcastic
ø i DONT use Msn messenger (i use other alternatives like trillian)
ø i listen to black metal
ø my obsessions with tech stuff
ø i can be laid back sometimes

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