Female Haryana

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




I am most thankful for every single breath and day that God has grant me for every single second means that I am given another opportunity to better myself, and another chance to experience life. I love to travel in my journey to better myself through hands-on experience, learning from other customs and cultures, and meeting new people to share everyday life's experience. Nature is close to my heart and needless to say that I am an outdoor person. While adventuring outdoor is great fun, I do spend some times indoor - reading my favourite mystery novel. While I'm on the go, I love to taste different type of dishes and cuisine especially that of with spices.. ^_^ On normal day, I enjoy Singapore Laksa and Asam Pedas ~<3 I'm truly living my life to the fullest! what is past already past - No Regrets for past cannot be changed! ^^ Shiken desu. Ganbatte Kudasai!

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