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► About Me
-I was born in Kyoto, grew up in Osaka and used to work in Kobe. Now I live in a Japanese traditional house, Kyo-Machiya in northern Kyoto city.
Kyoto has a lot of attractive places. Now I am exploring hidden beautiful places in Kyoto.

► My Hobbies
- I like traveling, arts and any kinds of music, including listening and playing the viola and talking with people. I am also interested in all kinds of food. When I travel to foreign countries, I always try to have local food and like to visit the local supermarkets to know the life of people there. My favorite food is tomatos and figs though...

► My best travel experience
-Travel is my passion. I can't think of my life without travel. I have been to more than 20 countries. Any trips are special for me. I just enjoy the nature, food and chatting with local people.

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