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Over the years my mind has been reduced to putty. Dumbed down, desensitised and pummelled by non-stop abuse- it's not that hard to manipulate.

They say that there's so much chaos in the cosmos that if we could perceive beyond our five senses we'd go deaf, dumb, blind and mad. But armed with just the five, parallel universes is as much as our imagination can cope with. They also say that the unused potential of your brain is one hundred times more powerful than the computer that landed the space ship on the moon.

I have a new found affinity with acid lounge. And this indicate that I may have delved into the unknown (?!).

I guess there is all kinds of sh**t going on both inside and outside my head that I am (un)blissfully aware of.

Sometimes I just want to fly away.

Prefer to wake up in the morning not hung over. Face down in a pillow, wrestling to get up, disliking to leave the warm sanctuary of the bed, clinging to remnants of a sweet dream. And thanks to the f**ks that invented money, I've got to work to earn my keep in this world.

I love my Birks. Very much. Wished that I can wear them all the time and to everywhere...

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