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Abuja, Nigeria




Apostle Chinedu king David is the President and Pioneering of GLOBAL END TIME VOICE MINISTRIES "A Prophetic Voice to all Nations"

and alsoPresident and Pioneering of
( Encountering God. Empowering People. Engaging Our City & Nations)

Apostle King David Chinedu is a simple man of God, very caring and loving, compassionate to the poor and the oppressed, using the gift which the Lord hath given to him to set the oppressed, demoralized, downhearted, and the captives free from the hands of the enemies – Isaiah 61: 1.

He is never tired of praying for people of God to make heaven at last, and also praying for the unconverted ones, that God will use him and other great anointed men and women of God out there to draw them (sinners) near to himself (GOD) for their souls not to perish.

My Mission is to ensure that there be no loss in every thing people do - John 6: 39, to win souls in all the families of the Earth – Matthew 24: 14.

Our Vision; to make the Kingdom of Heaven at the end – Matthew 6: 33, to bring Success into all families of the earth – Obadiah 1: 17,

Holy Ghost greatest revival in history – Acts 1: 8, and to bring Unity, Love and care for all – Acts 4: 32 – 35. Therefore, come let’s depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of God with souls.

"A Prophetic Voice to all Nations"

By His Grace the Lord called him in to Apostolic and Prophetic Office in 1998,He has Seen Miracles All Over Nations.

End Times Teaching, Preaching and
Prophetic Words and Dreams.


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We consider it an honor and a privilege that you would allow us to stand in Agreement with you in prayer. Apostle King David Chinedu, and his staff, and our Team of intercessors are committed to pray over these requests. We believe that as we link our faith with yours, your needs will be met and the power of God will touch your life in a supernatural way. Be assured that every prayer request is kept in the strictest confidence.

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In changing lives, changing nations
and changing the world!

…Your Sacrificial Donation changes lives

Sacrifice still remains the only medium of provoking the heavens to empower a person to achieve the seemingly impossible in his or her life.

Though the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary put an end to every form of blood sacrifice in Christianity, it did not put an end to Living Sacrifice.

Living Sacrifice is the kind of sacrifice where one sacrifices his or her living conditions. An example of this kind of sacrifice can be found in the New Testament of the Bible where we are asked to present ourselves as living sacrifices (Romans 12:1).

Your Sacrificial donation will not only help in empowering singles to marry and making marriages work but will also empower you to achieve the seemingly impossible in your life.

God will reward you accordingly in Jesus name.

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Global End-Time Voice Ministries is committed to bringing the Word of the Lord to people, cities, regions and nations! Your financial gifts can help us change lives around the world. Every seed of love given makes a difference. We appreciate your gift of love today!

All financial donations into One Global End-Time Voice Ministries are tax-deductible.

In obedience to the Lord, it is our desire to bring the good news i.e. the Gospel to all the nations of the world.
We appeal to you to help us to keep teaching, preaching and reaching to the lost souls of this world.

Your faith seed donation will help us reach the lost!

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What Is Partnership?

Partnership is when a group of people joins together with a shared vision and purpose to achieve a specific goal.

At Global End-Time Voice Ministries our mission is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to every person on earth…Because the End-time is Now! Our focus is to explain world events through the eyes of Bible prophecy.

We realize that we can’t do this alone. That’s why we’re asking you to partner with us.

What Does My Partnership Do?

When you partner with us, you're providing:

A ministry who prays for you every day. Free conferences and Teachings via Television, Radio,and Web
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A way to share the end time message with the world

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