Female Cørëēnâ

Quezon City, Philippines



Language: English, Tagalog, 中文

► About Me
I travel to experience different cultures, my aim is always to try to live like a local. I hate tourist traps.

► My Hobbies

► My best travel experience
Hiking to Tiger's Nest, wine tasting in Stellenbosch, Shinkansen trip from Tokyo to Fukuoka, tapas crawl in Madrid, street food scene in Saigon, Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Christmas in Oaxaca, strolling in Coyoacan, train ride to Machu Picchu, sunrise in the Irrwaddy overlooking Bagan, mango sticky rice in Huahin night market, museums hopping via canals in Amsterdam, sincere & heartfelt kindness of the Bhutanese, Velázquez' Las Meninas, make-up haul in Myeongdong, aperol spritz in Castello, chasing hyenas in Mpumalanga, cave dotted with glow worms in Waitomo, boat ride in Xochimilco, the freshest basil pesto in Monterosso al Mare, witnessing penguins come home in Phillip Island, cacio e pepe in Campo de Fiori, sweeping views of Batanes, bathing rescued baby elephants in Chiang Mai, eating momiji manju in Miyajima, discovering the ghost town of Narai-juku, unparalleled warmth of my people

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