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► About Me
I am a 58 year old single woman who is not quite what you'd expect of most other women at my age. I'm a bit of a geek and am a web designer by trade. I used to be a professional writer in advertising but I've given that up. I love nature, especially trees, fields and animals. I also love, love, love Japan because it's a country that is so steeped in history, culture and the arts. I also love the climate there! I'm not the shopping type and tend to steer towards knowledge, electronics and the arts. I work much better on an individual basis or with small groups of no more than 4 persons. I don't like crowds unless it has to do with a festival.

English is my primary language. I speak a little Bahasa Melayu and a smattering of the Hokkien and Teochew dialects. Now I also know some simple Japanese.

► My Hobbies
I used to ride a Harley Davidson once upon a time but found that it wasn't a practical bike for Singapore because our country is so small. I still ride a motorcycle but a more modest and practical one instead.

These days, I spend my free time learning Japanese (because I try to go to Japan at least once a year, I figure I should try to know the language somewhat). I started teaching myself (I tend to be the type who tests my interest and dedication by self teaching first) in late 2014 and am just a beginner in the language. I have also just taken up taiko lessons - I should have thought of taking this up when I was younger!

I enjoy movies now and then and taking nice pictures although I have grown lazy about lugging bags and bags of camera equipment around with me. Now, it's strictly point and shoot. So long as the camera is half decent, what matters is to know how and when to capture a moment.

► My best travel experience
I'd have to say I've had some nice travels around the world. But the most fun I had was when my friend and I went on a self-planned, self-drive trip in Hokkaido in 2014 without being able to speak a word of Japanese. Considering we were on a budget and didn't know a thing about where to go and see, I think we had a pretty fun trip. I only wish we had spent more time at each place instead of rushing around like headless chickens!

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