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Quezon City, Philippines



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♥♥♥if anyOne triEs 2 pUll u dOwn,,8 gOes 2 shOw dAt ur on tOp of dEm..chEer uP!!,,inSecUriTy rEigns in an ugLy hEaRt of an emPty brAin...♥♥♥

My Profile -

" as a person, i am very friendly, but would stay away from people who "uplift" themselves just to impress. it's best to show who and what you are right away. i don't believe in exerting extra effort just to belong or to gain friends because for me real friends will take you for who really are. i got one big pet peeve., though; i doesn't want to be shouted at, " if you want to tell me something or you're mad at me, then tell me in more
" human manner ". i don't believe people can solve issues by shouting, its very insulting.I'm very true to myself.
i can be very independent, I'm very responsible, and i give my best in everything i do. i am a open-minded person, generous, honest, funny and cool to be with. i am a good listener as well as good adviser, down to earth person. i am a self made guy who values the simple joys of life, i love people who love me for who i am and what i am. i have a strong set of personality and i value my life seriously because it's the only thing that i have to enjoy. i love everybody, and i like to be with my friends, i treasure every moments i spend with them. IM NOT PHOTOGENIC but i always start a day with smile cause i don't want to spoil the rest of the day ahead. last, i welcome people from all kinds of walks, and i don't put any standards... "

My Desire -

I want to meet someone who i cant talk to, someone who can influence me to do good things. But hey, i do also want to meet someone who can make me laugh and horny sometimes.. ehhehehe.. and do some bad and nasty things...joke!!!
- it doesn't matter how the person look like or appear, what really matter is the acceptance and the love that he will going to execute...

Work and Education:

  • Self Employed · Callcenter agent · present to present
  • Capitol University · Class of 2005
  • Central Mindanao University Laboratory High School · Class of 1994

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