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Granada, Granada, Nicaragua



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► About Me
-I had the bless of getting into tourism after a couple of years of teaching which it is not much different, but teaching on a beach or on a mountain or next to a 5000 years old indigenous heritage is amazing and after ten years on this business I still fell like if it is the first day of class. So join me to discover the beauty of Nicaragua and Central America.

► My Hobbies
- • Nicaraguan history: I have had a lifelong fascination with history, particularly Nicaragua´s past and indigenous history​
• Environmental sustainability: this is my passion in both my personal and professional life
• Nature: I love the walks on the forest and the connection that you create with it
• Birding: This is one of my interest which is hard to do it because of the few documentation in Nicaragua but travelling all around central America has gave me enough documentation to do an excellent experience.
• Camping: I have been an avid camper since I was a kid. I was a boy scout for almost about 11 years
• Photography: I love to capture the Nicaragua and Central America Beauty, with a cheap camera but i do it.
• Other cultures: I love to learn about other cultures and their idiosyncrasy as much as I love to share my passion for Nicaragua with foreign guests.

► My best travel experience

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