Female Ploy





I like Emo

Introducing myself
Sawasdi Ka. My name’s Naowarat and my nickname is Ploy. I live in Ayutthya,Thailand. I am 16 year old. My Favorite singer is Bodyslam .I like Bodyslam so much and I also like No more Tear.
I want cool like Toon Bodyslam

Introducing my family
There are four people in my family. After dinner my parents and I usually talk about the events that have happened. If I have a problem, I can always ask my parents for help I help my mother cook and wash the dishes In the evening we usually watch television together.I like talk with my family. On religions holidays we go to the temple to make merit or go to the festivals. Sometimes we visit interesting places in other provinces.

My school
My school,Nittaya School, is a large school with about 2000 students and 150 teachers. Our school is famous for its academic programmes and athletic events as well as pleasant school environment. The school has many teaching-learning centres, such as Centre for Science and Technology, English Language Centre for Physical Education Centre. I go to school Father go send everyday

Learning and teaching atmosphere
Now I’m studying at Mathayomsuksa 5 or Grade 11. There are 36 students in my class, Besides ordinary subjects, or school offers computer subjects, music and dancing. The foreign languages taught in our school are English and Japan

Spacial times
There are many special days to celebrate in my family. These are New Year’s Day, Songkran Day and family birthdays. On these days, we go to the temples, and have parties at home. Sometimes we go to see interesting places in the provinces

Climate in Thailand
There are three seasons in this area: rainy, cool and hot. From May to October there are monsoons. The cool season is from October to January. During these months the weather is dry and cold. February is the beginning of the hot seasons, which lasts till April.

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