Female Retno

Jakarta, Indonesia



Language: English

Helping others.
inspired by others and inspiring others.

I'm Windra, the girl who really loves everything in this world and currently trying to do her best in this world.

Currently a Sanguinis-Koleris person.
have a really big dream,
Action oriented.
when i want something, i'll do it now.

What i really love is :
To do and give her best at anything

~Live is to short to be wasted, so Just DO what you want to do and Give your bestest~

if i did something wrong, just tell me. because i'm still learning, da~:D

Work and Education:

  • Vetzone · Feb 2012 to present · Buletin kampus FKH IPB, yang akan GO Nasional. isinya Info tentang perkampusan di FKH.
  • Aiesec IPB (Expansion) · External Relation · present to present
  • Tiens Unicore · present to present
  • HKSA FKH IPB · External Relations · present to present
  • MPKMB IPB 47
  • SMA Tarakanita 1 · Class of 2009
  • IPB · Class of 2009
  • Bogor Agricultural Institute
  • Buitenzorg Agricultural University
  • Bogor Agricultural Institute

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