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<3 mamapapa. <3 JarFah' <3 JRJPCN'S :O) <3 THEGANG. <3 gangster9gays <3 PJARNONGANT :)) <3 JARPOND :-) <3 maejarlookpop <3 jarjan <3 pleadplen kwamruk :33
<3 myjj

Im fond of Shopping! and i do have a problem with bags and textile.
Actually, I am a travelista as well :3
My very first trip is in Japan
once in Hongkong n' Korea
twice in Australia
once again in Japan I have participated in cultural exchange with my school teams and I've got a worthwhile experience there.
Brilliant time in Switzerland , France and Italy with my lovely family. It was great!
The second time I have been to Melbourne, Australia for studying my first year of bachelor's degree in Finance at RMIT University :)
I have got a bunch of amazing friends ; Phenix Christie, Hendry and sweet Eason.
we had so much fun! i do love you guys.
Honestly, I will never forget how I felt at that moment <3.<3
Back to korea again and took a trip with my daddy's club.
work and travel trip in St.Louis, USA is my unforgetable trip! Chicago, Las vegas ,Los angeles and San Francisco they are awesome! funnel cake time in a position of cashier is such a very very good experience. i do appreciate my supervisor Tracy and sweet Andrew.
I learnt a lot from you.
November 2nd, i took English course in Bristol, England :3 by the way i also roam around Oxford and London.
This time i have got a worthwhile experience and very precious memory with my swiss girl Ruveyda, Ana and Monica. You guys are not even friends you are more than that<3
After that i went to Scotland
Glasgow is very lovely.
Edinburgh is absolutely gorrrrrrgeous!
i would love to spend every single minute of my life there. you had better see with you own eyes. no matter where i go this will always be my most fave!
Bali is my next trip to see my love!
Luckily I have fulfilled one of my recent dreams I took a trip to Warsaw, Poland in order to be a part of AIESEC members, I taught English to the kids and exchange the culture with them. During the project I had a chance to go to Oslo, Norway and also Stockholm, Sweden. I then went to Krakow to experience the cocentration camp and to Budapest - Vienana - Munich- Brussels - Amsterdam - Copenhagen and Berlin stuff like that in order to be the a part of volunteering, breate the air of new places and learn the culture. After I finished the travelling I went to Moscow, Russia as well. To be honest, the red square is Fabulous!!
my future plans are to continue my master degree at Bermingham U. in England, try some opportunities in Vancouver, Canada, take my parents to see the world with their own eyes and open my own shop about garment named 'wardrobe clothing'.
I definitely believe that my thoughts run my life:)

The best place that I have been to is KohLarn,Thailand
No doubt about it<3

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