Male Ardin

Singapore, Singapore



Language: English, 中文, Français, 한국어, 日本語, Bahasa Malaysia, Español, Português, Tagalog

I’m Jia Xiong (or Ardin), also known in other languages as 杨嘉雄, アーデン, 아딘/양가웅, Арден, Άρδην, อาร์เดน, اردن, आर्डेन, and ארדן

Born in Singapore wild & active to a father from Singapore and mother from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Noticeably different from the others since the very beginning, I grew up awestruck with the world around me (particularly where airlines can take me to), though understanding it & growing up to be the person I admire has always felt the most difficult.
Now at this age, a long way since those much more naïve days, I am still blazing a path to the ultimate realizations of my true self, full potential, dreams, purpose in life, and happiness, as a fighter for the good of humanity.

Work and Education:

  • Singapore Polytechnic · Class of 2013
  • Yangzheng Primary School · Class of 2005

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