Female Chanya

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English

► Hello! my name is Tangmo.I am graduated from Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai province and my majoring Tourism management. I want to useful my weakend in order to greet the person from the other country to know about culture and traditional in thailand.

► My Hobbies
- Traveling, singing, and yoga

► Favorite Quotes
- If you travel with me , you will know about Thailand more than you know.

► My best travel experience
-I traveled about adventure ,eating local foods and camping to 6 mountain or 6 Doi in northern of Thailand (Chiang Rai,Chiang Mai) for 5 days such as Doi Mae Salong,Doi Tung, Phu Chi Fa, Doi Ang Khang, Doi Inthanon, and Doi Suthep. It's great trip.

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