Female Pui Sirinapha

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English, ภาษาไทย

My nickname is Pui. I've been living in Thailand almost my whole life, and in Bangkok for 11 years already. I used to be an exchange student in TN, USA in my senior year in high school, after that I studied in international program in Bangkok; so I'm quite familiar with foreign friends and made friends with people from many countries those I've met and who have come to Bangkok.

Travelling is always my passion, but that's not it. I also like to impress others by all means during their/my short trip. Going on a trip usually is quite full of itineraries while you couldn't actually get to see much or could go only places that are recommended/easy to look up on internet. However, there are still so much of local touch such as culture, food, language, tradition, festival, etc. Which those are what tourists/travelers would love to do to really experience the best part of their trips. Sadly they mostly don't get to go unless they're taken by the local host or friend.

Since I had been hosted for about 1 year in the US; I do understand the feeling of being hosted and get so much welcome and help from people around and community. I have always wanted to create the unforgettably wonderful impression to welcome you all to Thailand. I'm willing to be your local host to show you about beautiful city of Bangkok and nearby within 250 kms. However, you can still chat with me for any extra miles you wanna go; I'm at your services.

I've been having an idea of quitting my job and travel the world and be hosted by the local. I'm working on the plan now, I still need a little more time to do that. Your choice is also to help my dream come true sooner and this is not just for you to travel here, you're really inspiring a lot of people who want to be like you like me. By having me accompanied you; I believe you will have very first impression and we'll really get along and become a friend for life.

My Interests : Cooking/Eating/Travelling/Sightseeing/Localshopping/Art&Craft/Painting/Biking/Outdoors/Museum/Adventures/Camping//Inner Peace/ Buddhism/Zen/Yoga/Blogging/etc.

Music, Movies & Books:
I like Indy songs, easy listening, soft rock, and live band music.
I love watching comedy, romantic, cartoon movies most.
I love Harry Potter, self-development, investment, guide books. Also, I like architecture and home decoration.

Amazing Thing I've Done:
In 2013, I traveled alone from Thailand to Seattle, WA . Later on met with 5 friends and we went on road trip by renting a car; we drove from Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL. Then, we flew to Wyoming to visit Yellow Stone. We drove our rent car to most visited tourist sites from mid-west USA (Grand canyon, Horseshoe point, Antelope, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, etc.) to San Francisco (We're at Pier 39 on July 4th watching fireworks !!, how cool). On same date as our flight back to Thailand, there was the plane crash on runway ... but yeah !!! we're safe.

This coming Dec 2015, I'm going to another road trip in New Zewland. And guess what??? I'm going to skydive !! Yes, that is one of my dream waiting to be checked.

Let's make friend and share:
There are so many things about Thailand and me. It's a long long story. Let's meet up I'm sure my story will never get you bored. I also want to know more about you -->> yes, you. Why do you come to Thailand? And is that "why" already fulfilled?
Make sure you have all your wishes before coming here mark ///// and never regret coming here; I can be helpful (be your shopping friend, be your negotiator, be your translator, be your listener, be your guide, be your driver, be your cook, be your Thai teacher, and anything else you can possibly think of (in a good way).

Countries I've Visited:
China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, United States

Countries I've Lived In:
Thailand, United States

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