Female Misty





My best friend thinks I’m a cat, a little Siamese kitten to be precise. He gave me pet names which are related to cat and acts as if I'm one.

Just because I’m slim, tiny, slightly brown with dark hair and a bit jumpy, or walk gently, look sleepy, like to curl up, love to be hugged, etc... doesn’t mean I am a cat!


I'm Au (อุ๊). I suppose u know that already, though some, who aren’t Thai, are probably wondering how to pronounce that properly :P It will always be a mystery to u lol unless you have spent quite some time with me. Call me Misty if u prefer.

I'm a lover of music. Share my taste on My other passions are football, travelling, photography, scrapbooking, cats, coffee, tea, cweam; whipped of not, British accents (?!), cultures, and so the list goes on. The rest is written on my Note .

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