Female Lia

Jakarta, Indonesia



Language: Français, 日本語

Be beautiful, more than pretty, smart, more than sexy, dginified, more that desired. And most of all, be a woman of God, more than a man's lady =D

* One of a kind
* Beautiful soul
* Cheerful
* Smart
* Unique
* Multitalent
* Careperson
* Extrovert
* Easy to be found, hard to be kept... =P
* Hardworker
* Always find a way how to have fun! =D
* Dog addicted
* An extraordinary girl that you can found, EVER! ^o^

Work and Education:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Indonesia · Jakarta, Indonesia · Apr 2009 to present
  • PwC · Apr 2009 to present
  • Tarumanagara University · Class of 2005
  • Marsudirini High School, Fons Vitae III · Class of 2002

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