Female Pixie Sudhida

Bangkok, Thailand



Language: English, ภาษาไทย

I'm Sudhida Kanok Labour. I'm a city person who fallen in love with the beautiful landscapes and oriental cultures in the northern part of Thailand so I decided to move to Chiang mai to explore. Chiang Mai has more than just Doi Suthep, Elephant Camps or Tiger Kingdom.

I believe everyone will fall in love with this province like me once you get to travel to the side you didn't know existed in Chiang Mai. I assure to give you plenty of fun learning of a lifestyle of REAL Chiang Mai people, taste the zest of local food, experience the real life hilltribes that will bring you face to face with their colourful cultures.

Travel with me and I garanteed that your idea about northern part of Thailand will never be the same !

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