Female Uee

Bangkok, Thailand




Ma name is Yui To-Nuan .. or u can call me Roxy Yui I'd like dat haha.My friends said I'm very friendly .. sometimes too much lol confident, funny, silly, big (what big??? :op) I'm an anti-smoker and I hate liar, betrayer, bullshiter, 2 faced people, people who goes back on one's word along with people who has no consideration to others!They are pathetic!! I DO care my friends alot .. but some of'em just dun really care bout me so .. I fink its time for me to stop caring those who dun actually care about me!!I love beaches .. I fink the best one is in Thailand .. I've been to koh Samui and it was absolutely gorgeous!!I'll definitely go back der again!Last but not least I'd also like to go back to England.I won't stop going to England until I go to Manchester!!!!hahaha I support Manchester United so pls red army show ureself!n I promise I'll treat ya good!!:oD

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