Female Victoria



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I always see the best in people.

People spend their lifetime searching for that one person that makes them complete.
Thay have a feeling,a need that is only fulfilled by that one person.

I am quiet and polite. My friends said I was very quiet when we first met. Later when we became friends, I was funny. The question I always have in mind is how I am going to manage my life. I am the eldest sister who must be responsible for my family. At the same time, I choose to treat myself well. I decided to study Civil Engineering. It is very difficult to make everything to perfect but I am trying.Therefore, I do not have much free time as I have to study and work at the same time. Yet, I try to concentrate on my study. I think engineering is difficult but it will provide me with a good future and career. It is also what I love.

I like travelling to Beautiful places where I will meet good people and experience beauty of the places. What I always do are taking photos and taking notes of what I See and how I feel.When we have free time.For me i will I Watch movies listen to Music and read books.

Me and my boyfriend we like cooking but we also like eating out at a nice restaurant along the River.On the high rise building Or in the music Atmosphere.

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