Female Maprow





Thought you treat me like a Queen in this golden cage, My heart and My soul wont be content.

Love is my desire
Love is my essence of Life
Love gives me Power
Love shows me the light
Love makes me stronger
As long as It's right
so Please remember
There's no Love at first sight
There's only Lust at first look
Dont judge a book by it cover
No need to seek for a perfect lover
There's no saints nor sinners
since Nothing lasts forever
and Love is always in my heart
Love is not only in the past
Love is not only for the future
Cause Love is for a time traveler
who will find a thousand mile
no longer than one
not just to run and find some Love
but just to Love someone
until the death of her Life
until the new light if the sun

You will NEVER ever KNOW me well ENOUGH !!!

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