Female Vimvipha



Language: English, ภาษาไทย

My official Thai name is Vimvipha. It is easier to call my nickname "Opor" I don't live in Bangkok but this site doesn't has Lampang in the list so I will put it here......

I am working in a state enterprise in Lampang so I am available in the evening of weekdays and whole day of weekends. I am a friendly, laid back and funny person. At the first sight, people may think that I am a quiet person but when they know me, they will find that I am talkative. I like travelling and meeting new people. When I travel both in Thailand and oversea, I usually stay in a hostel which has a common room. I love the moment talking with other people and sharing experiences. I also have been a host on couchsurfing for a few months and known some new good friends from it.

In the evening, I like sitting along the Wang river; which is behind my home; and watching the sunset. Also, sometimes cycling is another nice activity for me to do after work or on a weekend. Lampang is another nice province in Thailand but it isn't popular enough. When talking about the north of Thailand, people usually think about Chiangmai or Chiangrai. Unfortunately, they may not know that there is another interesting place to visit. Lampang is the province which there are not too many foreigners and tourists. Therefore, it is an opportunity to stay with the real local life and local food. If you are looking for a peaceful city which is covered with local culture and traditional, Lampang is your best choice.

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