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From the very beginning of knowing myself, I love to seek for new challenge, the flows are dramatic and mature. Accurately, it's the main reason to drive me forward.

Creative Director at Sage Creation
- Solution To Multimedia Needs

Chief Product Designer at RMT - Hydraulic Feature (Fitness Equipment)
- Grand approved by:
Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission
Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals
Hong Kong Invention Association Ltd.

Personal Trainer at aPTness Fit
Certificated Personal Fitness Trainer in:
- National Strength and Conditioning Association
- PTA Global Bridging Course
- Asian Academy For Sports & Fitness Professionals

Asian Academy For Sports &Fitness Professional Certificated in
- Nutrition and Weight Management
- Fit-Ball Instructor
- Sports Massage
- Sports Injury Management

HK ST. John Ambulance
- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
- Automated External Defibrillation Provider Course

Work and Education:

  • PJC

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