Male Mai

Quezon City, Philippines



Language: Tagalog, English, 日本語

I'm a student and a working student at that. Still trying to find other jobs for extra income, though. :(( Quite "active" in school as my friends says because of my countless organizations. Still, I wouldn't count it countless since I'm not in 10 organizations you know. xD I still have my academics to take care of.

I'm a very open person. I might start telling stories all of a sudden depending on the topic being brought up by whoever people - even by people whom I have just met. xD

Well, except for my deepest darkest secrets that is. Lol. And that this certain fact only applies to people who are not blood-related. xDD Lol. I'm not really an open person in the family - more like the anti-social one.

I'm a very imaginative kid (in terms of daydreaming) and has a lot of ideas in almost everything which might be or might not please others or are in condition with other people's interest.

Have been addicted to anime ever since I was 6 years old, thanks to my beloved uncle who exposed me starting with Dragonball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho. <3 Still love anime as of now and still continuing to grow with anime. :D Tried cosplaying several times but ended up in vain so I switched to figure collecting and book collecting (novels and manga). ^_^

I'm also a normal person who doesn't like being alone, feeling alone, being left behind... stuff like that. Though, people don't really care; even those who became and becomes my friends doesn't really care about that certain detail which hurts me more. :(( Emo much? But yeah, it's reality.

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