Male Neelabh

Noida, India



Language: English, Hindi

Work and Education:

  • CYBER COPS India - Researching Bits & Bytes · Independent Cyber Security Researcher · New Delhi, India · Jan 2006 to present · CYBER COPS India considers cyberspace as countries’ life-blood and envisages security by introducing unique, innovative and a revolutionary VALIDY TECHNOLOGY solution, for the first time in Indian Cyberspace, through Licensing Validy SoftNaos for Java against Cyber Piracy and Cyber Sabotage of Computer Systems. VALIDY licenses a breakthrough Software Assurance technology, called “VALIDY TECHNOLOGY (VT)”, ensuring both software trustworthiness and predictable execution. VT’s key differentiation from competition is its ability to ensure, by itself, the integrity of software during execution, without any third-party help. It is a new self-defense solution for electronic and IT equipments and can be compared to the human body’s immune system. Attackers can no longer prepare insider or outsider attacks without being instantaneously detected and neutralized. Validy technology is an ideal solution to protect sensitive infrastructure, managed by SCADA systems and as well as embedded systems.
  • BSI India · Class of 2014
  • BSI India · Class of 2013
  • BSI India · Class of 2013
  • EC-Council · Class of 2012

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