Male Kumar

Hsinchu, Taiwan




though life has been very simple on me,I have added complication to it and the result was always mindblastic(screwing myself up)...:P
Daily i wake up in the morning(...or afternoon u can call....)trying very hard to change myself to one of my idols,but after 1/2 an hour i m again the same Avinash.......I dont understant y friends like me so much,though i have given so much trouble to them.if u r one of them please give me the answer...!!.apart from these i love living my life to fullest....

Work and Education:

  • 清華大學奈米工程與微系統研究所(NEMS) · Ph.D · Hsinchu, Taiwan · present to present
  • Tata Consultancy Services · Jun 2012 to Jun 2012
  • CUSAT · Class of 2012
  • Delhi Public School, Patna (DPSP) (FB Edition Not Official ) · Class of 2007
  • National Tsing Hua University

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