Female Ashley

Serangoon, Singapore




I LIKE PEBBLE. Hope it will be my 1st child's name.
It is to me like a rock that has been shaped and smoothened over-time, but still retain's its hardness/ toughness. In the Bible, David used 5 stones to kill the giant - Golliah. Its my favourie passage and hero. Pebble, pebble... something small but powerful.

I have changed to someone whom is more 'technical', however not my original nature. Thanks to the life experiences recently. However, still someone reasonable and 'soft'.

Life-time partner should be hm.. haha. kinda 'funny' as I reviewed this again in June 2011. -- (i guess these qualities still valid) most of all, some one who care for me when I am in trouble. --
conservative inward, mordern outward, dun jump to conlusion easily, strong character of endurance, full integrity, focus, predictable, concise, better health than me.. (Guys if you are not, dun try to woe me, won't work) :-)

Work and Education:

  • School of Theology, City Harvest Church · Class of 2013
  • Temasek Polytechnic · Class of 1997
  • City Harvest School of Theology (Official)

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