Male Lane

Seoul, Korea



Language: English, 한국어

I have been living in Korea for over 5 years now, though I'm from Indianapolis,Indiana. I love all music, I just happen to specialize in Hip Hop Djing, you can check out more on my crew's website, also I'm in a group called "Twilight Sentinels"check my group out at I like to hang out, have fun, and live life to it's fullest. Don't talk about music with me, we'll be talking all night.

Work and Education:

  • MK5 Production · Founder/Deejay/Promotions · Jan 2013 to present
  • 한솔교육 · 교육팀에 원어민강사 · Seoul, Korea · present to present
  • YBM EDUCATION JUAN · English Instructor · Incheon, Korea · present to present · Teach in a Community Center in an Apartment complex
  • ChildU English Academy · English Conversation Instructor · Hwagok, Chagang-Do, Korea · Dec 2011 to Jul 2012 · Teach English Conversation
  • CLUB DOUBLE · DJ · Feb 2009 to Aug 2010 · Work Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Chungdahm Learning · Listening and Speaking/Reading and Writing Instructor · Jan 2008 to Jan 2011
  • TBS eFM
  • Global Prosperity
  • Hoosier Heroes
  • Team Beachbody
  • Indiana University · Class of 2005
  • Pike High School · Class of 1996

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