Male Ashik

Kallang, Singapore



Language: Hindi

'Iceman' name was given to me by a dear friend. I love sun sand and sea. I love to travel.

I am a libra and I hate being ignored.
I am a mix of malay and pakistan. Listen to all kinds of music, whenever free i listen to hindi songs and I don't really enjoy movie dates.

I seldom smile or actually i never smile always serious,those who don't know me they taught that I'm arrogant but i am not its just that i don't know how to smile.

Those who knows me well they called me Mr.Cool

My colleagues and my guests called me Ashh my friends call me Ali some of them Ashik and my family called me Ashok whichever names were called i am the same person who didn't know how to smile.

Thats me Ashik Ali Ashh

Rock on!!!

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