Male Kim Dan

Pontianak, Indonesia



Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English

Actually, graduated from high school I've started teaching, especially in the field of English. Moreover, when I was attending the college and majoring in English language, it's make me stronger, not only in language, but culture and the customs of English way.
In 2009, I was entered in one of academy foreign language in Pontianak and majored in English. I joined one of the training center by the Korean people just like a kind of Christian service agency. Since then I have a strong base in the Korean people, culture, language and their customs.
I live with Korean people as a whole family and do many things that makes me dare to advance the future. They are like family to me at that time ... so I decided to learn the culture and language Korean ...
I also studied Japanese language in the second semester and the results are satisfactory, got an "A" ..
In the future I would like to become a linguist, which not only focuses on language, but both culture and history.
in the fourth semester , I tried to apply at a financial company that is " Millenium Penata Futures " as " businesse Investment Officer " Just After 3 months I stopped working in full , at the beginning of the semester, I tried to apply that both of 2 Hotels at the same time on grand Mahkota Hotel**** and Mercure Hotel **** and both the hotel received my application . Due to have the opportunity to choose so I chose to try on both and finally I decided to work at the Grand Mahkota Hotel Pontianak **** , I worked here for 7 months and I decided to stop because of busy schedule in last college and writing a thesis . When towards the end of my course direct guidance received in a Learning English as a tutor , but I prefer to teach children under the auspices of the church as well as the place of service . I am also very happy to be one of the church officials who directly centered Brunei Darussalam Other than that I was busy with a friend led me on a tour agent who has been running from 2011 that Pontianak Tourism Board , in addition to that I also taught at the sidelines Private though I am so busy.

Work and Education:

  • Pontianak Tourism Board (Travel Agent) · Pontianak, Indonesia · Apr 2011 to present · -Being a Tour guide and Tour Leader for the trips - Duty to create, organize and plan a trip - Served in dealing with matters relating to the excursions - Establish good cooperation with relevant parties, both within and outside the country - Fully responsible for the smooth running of a trip - Responsible to the employer for income gained from the trip.
  • Grand Mahkota**** Hotel · Receptionist · Pontianak, Indonesia · Jan 2012 to Dec 2012 · - Welcome every guest room hotel with a friendly - Answer the phone associated with the hotel information will - Providing assistance to the instructions will place the requested location to the hotel guests - Provide information relating to the hotel for hotel guests - Noted the list of visitors associated with the hotel check in & check out - Data entry will get hotel guests - Record the information required by the hotel such as check in check out reservations etc. - Sort mail letters that went into the hotel either paper or electronic - Gives the image of good and friendly hotel, and professional - Provide relief to all hotel guests when needed - Observe and report suspicious activity that hotel guests when needed
  • Mercure Pontianak · Operator · Pontianak, Indonesia · Jan 2012 to Jan 2012
  • Millennium Penata Futures · Investment Business Oficcer · Pontianak, Indonesia · Sep 2011 to Jul 2013 · - Looking for customer who are interested in an investment - Explain all the investment information is good and right for each customer - Maintain a good relationship to each customerJL.Ahmad Yani 1 Komplek Ruko Mega Mal Blok F No. 11, 12, 12a, 12b Pontianak 78121 Kalimantan Barat T: (+62561) 746218 (Hunting) F: (+62561) 746228
  • Academy of Foreign Language Pontianak (Akademi Bahasa Asing Pontianak) · Class of 2012

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