Male Christopher

Dallas, Texas





once bitten, and twice shy

"artists have to wait."

and it's you i see
but you don't see me

BOOM get FUCKED motherFUCKER i'm chris hello where's the food?

Stay young forever. Become a Lost Boy.

If I could, I'd be a space pirate. That'd be the greatest.

My sister says that if i were Native-American, then my Indian name would be Lazyass Sits on Bum.

The fastest way to my heart is also the fattest: through my stomach!

Melee > Brawl

I love Christmastime, sushi, and baked goods.

I hate cancer.

I run the two stop signs nearest to my house.

My new favorite emoticon is the =\] lopsided grin.

My 'Ultimate Win, No Matter What' cards in A2A are The End of the World, and The Universe. Throw some Anne Frank or Helen Keller in there and you might have a chance too. =]

I am bad at studying.

I love froyo. And cupcakes. And waffles. And french toast.

I have decided that running *really* fast is better than teleportation. The feeling of outrunning something is priceless.

I hate losing things and losing in general. Unfortunately, I am really quite good at both.

Make me laugh, and I'm happy. Laugh at yourself and I'm all yours.


"..a vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist"

the triumph of good, the power of innocence, and the need to keep resisting

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