Female 在飛

Dasmarines, Cavite, Philippines




well, i leave it to my friends of how they tihink of me but oh well, guess i could put something 'bout me here ^_^

~i love to draw esp. when it comes to Anime....also don't forget that i'm a great fan of Yaoi ^o^v
if you wanna see my creations feel free to visit my site:[]

~i love the net, cuz i can watch all i want from dawn till dusk XD

~my hobbies are roller skating, swimming, piano, and violin...

~i love japan and i can speak, read and write basic japanese (kanji, still learning...) so if you're interested ask me all you want about their language ^o^v and it'll be helpful if someone would like to talk to me in their language so i can practice my skills ^o^v

~i listen to japanese music everyday(either modern or classic) and surprisingly i don't listen to english songs if i may say myself ;p

as for the rest, just ask me cuz i don't know what else should i write down here...hehe XD

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