Female Demetri

Medan, Indonesia





I just choose to live for only you do not spill to wind damage at me.
Well, I do not like talking about drifting doemutji leave me laugh
So do others in the late

Strike two, I go down to Strike one who can do anything, go anywhere
Strike three have been involved in anything I listen to my voice
In fact, all the inflated false arbitrarily colored tailored fit

* I am your love like heaven I'm thirsty
I believe in two eyes staring Don't say goodbye
You mean, Rumor (too deep) towards me, Rumor (I mean, I'm as well).
You know what Rumor (you'll forgive) Rumor complete fabrication.

I'm not going to leave you changed fragrant
Anyway, you're on edge, I
Do not get carried away playing her, people I was you, I always

Step one Step two gimme a hand on my chest gently snow suit
Step three for a moment, close your ears to feel truly
Mixture of jealousy, but it's possible that all of my heart, except you do not have someone open and

* Repeat
Do not jump to my mind, that in the face of tough get hurt are at stake.
Let me put a smile on your lips, I draw

Chest overflowing with hot running man boobs then made passionate love passion
Hoping the light at any moment
You got my heart toward you, why do not fold back a little doubt in my arms, CARL: Can you meet me
Now, would you care to willingly accept

if i live my life again
if i’m born over and over again
i can’t live without you for a day
You’re the one i will keep
you’re the one i will love
i’m…yes because i’m happy enough if i could be with you
Ost. Cinderella Sister

Work and Education:

  • Global Total Education Services · Counsellor · Sep 2007 to present
  • STIE HARAPAN MEDAN · Class of 2008
  • wr supratman
  • SMA WR Supratman 1
  • W.R. Supratman 1 Medan
  • W.R.Supratman 1

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