Male Nguyễn Hà Văn

Hanoi, Vietnam



Language: Tiếng Việt, English

just wanna to become a TOURGUIDE :D

Work and Education:

  • Real English club for Tourism · Leader · Hanoi, Vietnam · Jul 2013 to present · just a same purpose when i was working at FHCTs English club. i am a student then, but i overcame obstacle when talk english. And I want to help the others, who are in the same situation. But now, I going to change in my own way to make it totally work!
  • FHCTs English Club · President · Hanoi, Vietnam · Mar 2013 to Jul 2013 · just simple. help all student, who are learing at university can improve their english skill. But from July 7th, 2013, I realize that peoples usually think that: " FREE inverse QUALITY", ENTHUSIASM same with STUPID. And i was doing that things. But no more, from now!
  • don 's tay ho restaurant · Bartender/back · Hanoi, Vietnam · May 2012 to Feb 2013 · Support Bartender Check and prepare
  • Bracap Join Stock Company · Officer · Hanoi, Vietnam · May 2012 to Aug 2012 · Advertise for The Hanoi Bicycle Collective-THBC Maintenance staff for Axis Globe Relate advertising website to company Sale and customers care.
  • La Grace Café · Bartender · Hanoi, Vietnam · Jan 2012 to Apr 2012 · Prepare, check, clean bar, working area Make drink Support staff
  • japanese restaurant · Waiter · Hanoi, Vietnam · Sep 2011 to Sep 2011 · Get order from customers Serve customers Receive bill.
  • Cafe Muối - 17 Hàng Muối · present to present
  • Freelance Tour Guide · present to present
  • Hà Nội Open University · Class of 2015
  • FOT - HOU
  • PTDL Đông Đô

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