Female Jennie

Port Lincoln, South Australia





There was an angel by her shoulder
She could feel his very breath
He had taken her before….
Up to the stars and beyond
Where only feelings exist
Pure ecstasy,
Love pure and raw….

She wondered when they would once again travel

Often she felt he was a dream…
Then he would nudge her
Her heart would leap
Be it in her sleep
Or when she was daydreaming
Then she knew he was real
He was her heart
The same frequency
Two merging into one

And yet their touch was unfulfilled
A delicious treat yet to be explored
Would they survive the intensity?
Or just melt into one…..

Work and Education:

  • Martial arts · present to present
  • REALITY PT & MMA · present to present
  • Claremont High School Tasmania
  • Claremont High School Tasmania

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