Female Valerie

Singapore, Singapore



Language: English

I'm not born to perfection but,I'm born to learn to make perfection =)

I love my life & who I'm meant to be.
For mii to know,
For u to find out..

Love mii for who I am, not who u wan mii to be..
吃醋是因为我爱你。 生气是因为我在乎你。 发呆是因为我太想你。 流泪是因为我不想失去你。 我要我们永远在一起直到永远!!(。◕‿◕。) i ع١٥٧ yOu!

"If you must say yes, say it with an open heart... If you must say no, say it without fear... Whatever you decide to say, be ready with the consequences it may bring... Be firm in everything you stand for..."

Work and Education:

  • Jayamaids (Lic:06C5528/10C4528) · Sales · Oct 2013 to present
  • Beauty & Wellness Industry · Singapore, Singapore · May 2012 to present · Be it being beautiful in the outer nor the inter, if we do not have an healthy lifestyle & did not manage it to let our body maintain & goes on further down the road, when we grow old there'll be health problems. So, buddies out there do not wait till old. Treasure each & everyone's life before losing them. Be prepare so there's no regrets.
  • Asia Pacific Breweries · present to Jan 2013
  • Jing Shan Primary School

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