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I'm running "Medical Insight Co." and "MessageLeaf Inc." both of which based in Tokyo. I provide with various consultancies and strategic patient survey for medical industries at Medical Insight Co. MessageLeaf is a brand new web tool which enables website owners and visitors to have 1 on 1 communication on unique webpages.

I try to keep my organization as small as possible, while maximizing the value of my collaborative network, as I believe that we are shifting from proprietary organizational society to the individual network society.

My interest goes to general medical information, oncology, start-ups, IT, strategies, consulting, politics, sports (especially tennis), education, and cuisines!


また、2012年7月より株式会社MessageLeafを立ち上げ、MessageLeaf というウェブサイト上でサイトオーナーと訪問者を1対1で繋ぐコミュニケーションツールを広めています。



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