Female Elisabeth



Language: English, Français

I am a 69 year old retired French professor. I studied Japanese for 3 years in the 80's, let it lapse, then took it up again when my daughter moved to the Tokyo area (Hachioji) to teach English. She is still there, 3 years later. I studied Japanese literature (in college, a long time ago), and enjoyed a month-long stay in Japan in 2012. Since retiring I work p/t selling high-end embroidery machines. I have sewn all my life and love all things textile. I love to travel, anywhere I have never been. Of course I especially like Japan and all francophone countries. On trips I especially like poking around interesting neighborhoods, museums and historical sites. Local crafts and art are my favorite thing to shop for. Not much interested in high fashion, nightlife, shows, bars, anime (though I'd love to see the Ghibli museum. I greatly admire Miyazaki). I have seen Sensooji, Meiji jingu, the Imperial Palace gate and the Nezu museum. I am ready to see some less-touristed parts of Tokyo.

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