Female Ainah




you got to be around me to truly know me. i love God, i love this life given me, i intend to live it FULLY. i LOVE LOVE my family, i got the best parents in the world they arent perfect but perfect for me. i got the best Mama in the world and my Pa rocks too! im close to my family. i can hangout with just them and we are tight. I heart my young cousins who are living it up for god! so cool to see them do so. i love my church family, both here and in the philippines. I am amongst great company of ppl. i like the idea that i am given much and have the best opportunities in life. im glad that i have the best of both worlds of usa and philippines AND i get to travel around the world too doing what i heart to do! missions. im fearless, im bold and confident, i am a king's daughter after all. learning to love my appearance, lol. taken me long enough to love myself! im daring (got me in trouble many times enough), love to be around ppl. a giver, a servant at heart i am, but im nobody's mat to walk on either! i do what i say. organized and at the same time can be messy. LOVE to chat/hangout/go out with friends and just have that quality time to spend with them. im a dreamer and a doer, a great organizer. authoritative and yet submissive (i know my place). f8fully w8n n trusting god to send me the man of my prayers and dreams, but i need to be wooed, to be romanced and to be courted, bec I AM WORTH IT! but gosh! id make the best wife ever and an even greater mom :)) come on over and get me already darling man!hahaha..already i love u though i dont know you. this vow i will fulfill before god and family and friends.
im a lot more than this box will tell you for sure.

Work and Education:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • DTVSI · Class of 1991
  • Mabalacat Institute
  • Our Lady of Fatima High School
  • Our Lady of Fatima Academy

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