Female Lanna

San Diego, California



Language: Tiếng Việt, English

Big TaeYang FAN!!!

Born in Thailand, but 100% Vietnamese,raised in Daygo but moved to many places. Care the most for 1 sister, 5 brother, 1 dad n 1 mom. Favorite color is blue but down with white,gray n black. Can look like a girl but totally tomboyish. LOve make-up n dress up but sooo dyam Lazy. Dont like to stay in one spot, rather be outdoor doing adventours stuffs. Personality wise, calm and chill but dont cross the line. Boys are no good for dating,just wish I can never fall in love again..ripe my heart and throw it in the ocean haha, better as homie. Girls are to much dramas. Like to watch chinese and american movies. I live to eat not eat to live"yummy" (dont mess with me when am hungry). Last but not least Am in LOVE with my cousin. mauh mauh hehe Dreams to travel around the world. To many goals that are set to accomplish...

Work and Education:

  • Crawford Senior High · Class of 2005
  • Woonsocket High School
  • Grossmont

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