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Lamor² (HALAL) formula is the latest technology from South Korea, ingredients consists high concentrations of HYALURONIC ACID and also a combination of caviar collagen, vitamin C, silk amino acids, calcium carbonate powder as well as three berries (blackberry powder, cranberry powder and elderberry fruit powder), nutrition can also be directly through the water-soluble to be absorbed by the stomach, rapidly effective. Lamor² 取自韩国最新技术配方,成份除了富含高浓度的玻尿酸,也结合了鱼子胶原蛋白、维生素C、丝质胺基酸、碳酸钙以及三大莓子粉(黑莓粉,红莓粉和接骨木果粉),营养精华也透过水溶性的方式直接被肠胃吸收,迅速见效。 What is Hyaluronic Acid? - Hyaluronic can be described as the world's most popular and healthy skin care ingredients, hyaluronic acid is the most powerful product against wrinkle. A lot of artists treated hyaluronic acid as skin care secret. There are variety hyaluronic acid product, the most common is the injection of hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid in take. 什么是玻尿酸? - 玻尿酸,可谓是目前世界上最流行又健康的美容保养成分,玻尿酸最强大的功能就是除皱,因此成为娱乐界许多明星的美容保养的秘密。玻尿酸产品五花八门,其中最常见的是针剂玻尿酸以及内服用玻尿酸。 Lamor² can replace collagen, placenta, and clostridium botulinum and other products of a single trend. The hyaluronic acid is not required injection and it can be absorbed by the body by drinking, it is absolute very safe.

Pricing for Lamor²
Lamor² 售价

1 Box Lamor² = RM180 (WM) RM183(EM)Including Postage within Malaysia
1 盒 Lamor² = RM180(WM) RM183(EM) 全马来西亚包邮寄

1 Set 13 Boxes Lamor² = RM1800 (WM) RM1836 (EM)
1 套 12 盒 Lamor² = RM1800 (西马) RM1836 (东马)

Step 1:
Made the payment to our following account:
Maybank 1610-6062-2791

Step 2:
Take photo of receipt / Print Screen of Online Transaction after made the payment.
汇款后,请拍下你的汇款收据 或者 截图你的网络汇款.

otify us by message/LINE/Whatsapp (016-8882589)by following format:
信息/LINE/Whatsapp (016-8882589)我们以下的资料:
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Delivery Address 邮寄地址:
Lamor² Quantity Lamor² 数量:
Bank In Amount 汇款数额:
Bank In Receipt 汇款收据:

Step 4:
We will notify you once we have received your message, and update you the delivery date.


1.No refund and no exchange.
2.No cancellation after transaction are made.
3.Items will sent only after payment has been made.
4.Buyers had to inform me once transaction has been made.
5.Please do inform us when items arrived at your doorstep.

Postage Charges:
Within Malaysia
*FREE POSTAGE* for all Purchase

♥ Our official Contact Number ♥
♥ 我们的官方电话联络号码 ♥

Lamor2 Authorized Dealer Malaysia:
+6016-888 2589 May ( Whatapps / LINE / / SMS / Phone Call)

Please kindly contact us or sms us if your would like to place order or join us.

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