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My wife Megan and I are traveling in Japan from Saturday, October 12th through Sunday, October 27th.

Our tentative schedule while we're in Japan:

>Saturday, October 12th -- we're flying into Tokyo in the evening
and we will be in Tokyo through Tuesday, October 15th

>Wednesday, October 16th -- we're staying in Nikko

>Thursday, October 17th and Friday, October 18th -- we're staying in Hakone

>Saturday, October 19th -- we'll be in Nara

> Sunday, October 20th through Wednesday, October 23rd -- we'll be in Kyoto

>Thursday, October 24th -- we'll be in Hiroshima

>Friday, October 25th -- we'll be in Miyajima

>Saturday, October 26th and 27th -- we'll be back in Tokyo and our flight home leaves at 8:00PM on Sunday the 27th.

As far as some activities that we'd like to do while we're in Japan:

> go to at least one Nippon baseball game (either during Climax Series or Japan Series)
> go to a jazz concert in Tokyo or see any good local musicians
> rent a bike and ride around the city or in the countryside someplace
> try lots of good sushi - can't wait!!
> hike or run on nice trails (I'm currently training for a marathon so I hope to find some good running routes)
> architecture sightseeing
> Japanese garden tours
> and plenty of outdoor onsen time!
> we'd also love to test out our voices with karaoke!

Any other kinds of activities you'd recommend while we're in Japan? We're certainly up for trying different things. Any insider tips for enjoying the Health and Sports Day holiday on the 14th of October? Or either of the festivals in Kyoto on the 22nd (Kurama-no-hi Matsuri or Jidai Matsuri)?

We're very excited to make the trip and look forward to meeting people in Japan.


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