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here i am... I think i m nice guy with lots of things happening all the time in my life... i think i like it this way....

Life has played a sine curve on my storyline with both the positive and negative peaks at extreme ends.

There have been critical moments in which I‟ve asked myself “Why Me?” and times when I‟ve exclaimed, “Lucky me”.
It‟s not just the destination where i wanna go.., but also the journey that is important.
Life is strange, so not only will I strive to achieve what I aim for, I‟ll "live‟ life while doing it....

hmmm.... hope i can ....
Pray for me ....

(((“He was someone who lived every moment of his life and always maintained that – „Never give up on life, and life will never give up on you‟. Maybe this is a Herculean task and I need to rationalise and redefine my role, but as it stands this would be the theme of my life. There‟s a lot to explore in the world out there. Whenever I look out of the window on a flight towards the sky, or look at the picture of something scenic like the Grand Canyon, it feels like the world is calling out to me. Till now I have had only one dish from my plate, there are still many more that I haven‟t even tasted yet. There is so much more to explore, so many experiences to go through, so many lives to live. Life is big)))
--- ex army capt ---

Work and Education:

  • SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd · Software Engineer · Bangalore, India · Aug 2008 to present · Joined as an Intern !!!!
  • SAP · Software Developer · Bangalore, India · Aug 2008 to present
  • South Point High School, Kolkata (Calcutta) · Class of 2005
  • BITS Pilani
  • Christ University
  • South Point High School
  • BITS Pilani '08
  • Christ College

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