Female Shirley

Singapore, Singapore




a simple gal who wants 2 have the best thing in life & REALLY want to enjoy my life to the FULLEST!

Love me Hate me you decide!

♫am a single mum to my precious boy whom I <3 very much!♫

Im a gal who has an attitude problem, do have quite a bad temper, sometimes for no reason will lost my temper & at times i would just scold ppl for nothing, Have quite a mood swing & i can be quite straight forward & may not be good in words too, sometimes i would just speak out without thinking and i might offend people and i don¡t even know it, so if one day i have offended you, please forgive me. i can be friendly and also at times will like to make jokes, People who are close to me then they will know what im like..

Im quite sensitive and my appearances may look quite fierce but actually im not. Hate people to treat me for granted, to look down on me & also to crush my hopes, if anyone find that they dont like me for anything, kindly ask me, please dont assume me, i really hate it if you do. Sometimes i can be real quiet & sometimes I love to talk and can be quite talkative if i happen to know you for long, so people who knows me or wan to know me have to bear with this. :)

Im trying to be strong each & every day, really feel sick & tired of my life, feel like giving up everything. At times feel so insecure, lonely & alone. Sometimes really hate god for giving me this life. Have a son of my own, hes my everything. hopefully a miracle will fall upon me and my precious son. i can only pray and pray wishing that everything will be better for me each and everyday.

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