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Bangkok, Thailand




There's nothing special about me.Just a simple girl, living a simple life and trying the best she can to enjoy this one meaningful life! I'm officially happy about life now,enjoying every mins of myself, family and friends. I'm 31 and growing but not really worry about it as I know that my prince charming is out there somewhere & he will find me eventually.Just that I think he will come riding a snail instead of a white horse as told in those fairy tales LOL Basic info about Down2Earth former SmilySiam I'm 158cms tall, clumsy, can dance a little and allergic to HOT drinks! Anyone interested? ;) How I see myself : Down to earth kinda girl with a bit of the L-o-o-k and more of the B-r-a-i-n..... I'm well educated but it doesn't make me the smartest. I believe I am smarter than some but not all, not even most so guide me, teach me, lecture me, upgrade me, complete me if needed?to help me reach a higher level of who I am and can become. I'm not as pretty as Miss Thailand or anything for the sake of whatever but I still do love kids and I also do want world peace! :P .I'm a lover not a fighter but I will if I have to! I'm a nature lover. Even though I don't mind being in big cities but I prefer to live somewhere surrounded by great nature, somewhere with light traffic so I can eventually drive faster than 120km/hr when the cops are not around and the road is clear LOL. I might not be as pretty as half of the girls on Facebook but doesn't mean I can't be a chooser. I've chosen to be on my own for the moment and lovin' it! I'm also trying not to worry too much about the people in my past, There must be a good reason why they didn't make it to my future. So I am now taking my chances to be on my own, to love myself a little more and hopefully to become a better person for me and those who deserve my Love and Care! I personally think it's better to be off alone than being in a nightmare type of relationship. I have been told...I'm witty, naturally funny, big teaser, smart(ass), caring (to the ones I love and to the world) I'm talkative but I do know how to shut myself up and be a good listener when people want me to hear them out. However, some of you might have a hard time shutting me up , in that can assume I want YOU to shut me a nice way! wink ;) I'm the world traveler wanna be! I'm into traveling. I love the feeling of me carrying a backpack and stepping out of the house heading somewhere! and luckily I've got a job that bring me to the wold and travel for atleast 5 countries a year That's pretty much it (for now).

Work and Education:

  • Reangwa standard industry · Import/Export Manager · Bangkok, Thailand · Dec 2011 to present ·

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