Female Anonan

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




Regard, This Facebook page is belong to Nan. In term of personality, it is preserved only for the person who are family, friend or cousin.

Thank you for invited me to be in your friend list but I am apologize that if I do not accept you to be in my lists of any reason as I don't know, I cannot remember or any other personal reason. However if you ensure that I know you in personal please feel free to send me a message or send me email to to show our relationship. Thank you.

Furthermore, being friend with me. I would accept the real information from you as I don't like being lied and I don't want to be lied on.

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I love Thailand ♥ I love My King.

Just like star ♥ for you, my love.
Even though you cannot see me but I am always be in the sky.Please keep in your mind and do not afraid to ask for my help if you know, you are the one.

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