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If you happen to spot a pair of spiffy distressed leather wingtip shoes, a droolworthy chocolate tart or a fine German specimen, chances are, Fadzlin Rashid is somewhere in sight. Permanently 25 years of age, Fadzlin is a relatively uncomplicated individual who enjoys the simple, albeit a tad finer, things in life.

When he’s not stressed with work, pissed off at work, is up to his retinas with work or shopping, he spends his time reading, writing and spending quality time with his friends and his funky ole’ grandma. Fadzlin also dabbles in visual art in the form of paintings and drawings, amongst others. He must be of some good, because he not only has a capable manager ready to handle anything thrown in his way, he also has a multi-talented publicist who’s eager to represent him the moment he decides to make a career switch.

Fadzlin reckons he’ll never be able to be a vegetarian because he loves his chicken and his steaks too much. And in case you’re trying to get something out of him, come armed with chocolate – he eats more of those in a day than a PMSing 17-year-old girl.

Fadzlin also plans to travel the world soon – and prays his bank account will magically multiply by five in the near future to accommodate his jet setting agenda and to build an empire solely made out of pointy leather shoes.

Work and Education:

  • MCI Singapore

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