Female Jasmine

North Charleston, South Carolina




I'm a very creative, unque, wild and daring person who just loves crazy and wild things. I'm outgoing,different, and very fun to hang around with. I'm very funny and unpredictable, you don't know what I'm gonna do next. You'll have a blast hanging and chatting me, so inbox me or comment as often as you like. Also I love my number one band EYESHINE!!!!

Work and Education:

  • Volounteer/US E-Freak Leader of Eyeshine · North Charleston, South Carolina · Jun 2011 to present · Working as e-freak leader to support my favorite band of all time Eyeshine. To make sure they the attention and publicity they deserve.
  • EMO · Lead Guitarist for Beneath Emo · Apr 2011 to present
  • student · Academic
  • EMO
  • North Charleston high School
  • Ashley Ridge High School
  • Lake Marion High School and Technology Center

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